We're really excited for the upcoming Christmas season and hope you are too! Santa’s Tree Delivery is about more than simply delivering Christmas trees, we’re about spreading Christmas cheer! Our upbeat, friendly team has a passion to spread the joy of Christmas, and we’re excited to pass some of that Christmas spirit on to you! Not only do we show up dressed in elfish attire, we deliver hand-written notes and candy from Santa himself! (If you aren’t impressed, your kids will be). We know you have a lot going on during the holiday season. Make it easy on yourself and your family this year by having our team deliver your Christmas tree directly to you!

Proudly Serving the Twin Cities and Surrounding Suburbs
We hand-pick only the best, premium grade Christmas trees grown exclusively from the second largest grower of Christmas trees in Minnesota. With more than 43 years of experience, and their award winning Christmas trees, we're happy to call Wolcyns Tree farm, our partner.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! - Or Its On Us!
We take great pride in delivering only the finest selection of freshly cut, top-quality Christmas trees. If we deliver a tree in which you’re not completely satisfied, IT’S ON US! We know the only way to grow our business is by serving satisfied customers.

- Santa’s Tree Delivery Staff